Respecting Asian Funeral Traditions When Catering: A Guide

Catering an Asian funeral can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with the culture and customs of the family you are serving. To ensure that all traditions are respected while providing a meaningful experience for those involved, it is important to understand the culture, respect dietary restrictions, serve traditional dishes, provide plenty of food, include tea, and offer take-home packages. This guide will help you understand the important aspects to consider when catering an Asian funeral.

Your Guide To Choosing A Cemetery Monument

When you're grieving a loved one it can be difficult to process all the decisions you have to make when organising their funeral. Choosing the cemetery monument can be particularly challenging, as you are making a decision about how the graveside will be permanently marked. Popular varieties of monuments include headstones, statues and pillars. When selecting the variety for your loved one's graveside you will need to take the positon of the plot, whether other family members will be buried there in the future and the budget into consideration, but choosing the type of monument is only the first step.