The Different Types Of Graveyards And What They Mean For You

Choosing a graveyard to lay a loved one to rest in is never a simple choice. There is a lot to consider about their personal wishes and desires as well as the proximity of the graveyard to the family, which would affect visits and maintenance. Still, it is important to consider what type of graveyard you think your loved one would most prefer, and there are many options available that you might not even realise.

Planning an Environmentally Friendly Funeral

As the world becomes more conscious of living eco-friendly lifestyles, people are starting to turn towards environmentally friendly funerals, too. There are several ways you can make a funeral eco-friendly. While some are quite niche, others involve making small changes that have a positive impact on the planet. Planting Trees Turning away from large flower displays and choosing to plant a tree instead has a positive impact on the environment. You may want to choose a tree that you love, or you can provide funeral attendees with tree-planting kits.