How to Have a Greener Funeral

Eco-funerals are currently a hot topic among the environmentally aware in society. Opting for a greener send-off to the next life doesn't mean cheap and nasty; the arrangements can be just as respectful to the deceased as a traditional funeral. Here are some ideas to help you plan a greener final journey. Biodegradable coffins These days, people are much more aware of the impact of unregulated or illegal logging, and the devastating effect it can have on what remains of the earth's rainforests.

Top Tips for Hosting a Modern Wake

Once a traditional Irish ceremony designed to watch over the body and prepare the deceased for burial, the wake is witnessing a modern non-secular revival. If you are planning on hosting a wake to celebrate the life of a dearly departed friend or family member, consider some of the tips below to guide you during this difficult time of grief. Location Traditionally held in the home of the deceased, a modern wake is best held in a home environment.