How to Make a Funeral More Personal

Are you trying to find ways to make the funeral services of your loved one more personal? Read on and discover some useful tips which you can implement so that the funeral is a reflection of the uniqueness of the dearly departed person. Pick the Music Carefully Music gives you one opportunity to make a funeral personal. You can select songs or hymns which were loved by the person who has passed on.

Suitable Graveside Plants for Minimal Maintenance

A graveside monument is a permanent record of a person's life, giving friends and family a place to go and remember them. It can take regular work to maintain the good condition of a grave, with the stone over time succumbing to moss and discolouring if it's not properly cared for. And, because it's traditional to leave flowers at a grave as a sign of respect for the deceased, they need to be regularly replaced to keep them fresh.

6 Things A Funeral Director Can Do For You After The Death Of A Loved One

One of the most difficult times any one has to contend with is the passing of a loved one. You have to mourn and at the same time come to terms with the sudden loss. In the midst of all that, a funeral director plays the crucial role of organising all the aspects of the funeral activities. This not only relieves you of the duties, it ensures you have adequate time to mourn.

A Quick Checklist for Preplanning Your Own Funeral Services

Preplanning your own funeral services can ensure that your wishes are followed and that your family doesn't need to worry about the planning after you've passed away. Paying for a funeral in advance can also help you to spend down your assets, if you need to do this to qualify for certain government aid. When you're ready to preplan your own funeral, note a quick checklist of things to include and consider with a funeral director from a service like Chapel of the Holy Family.

How to Make the Most of a Memorial Video Tribute

Using video tributes to honour a lost loved one has become a popular feature of funerals in recent years. It serves as a chance to tell a person's life story in an intimate and unforgettable way. Using the following tips, you can ensure that your loved one's tribute video is the best it can be. Ask plenty of questions If you're aiming to capture the true essence of a loved one through images, you're not going to do them justice by making do with the photos in your possession.