Cremation Service Startups and What to Know

There is an increasing number of cremation startup businesses rising up around the world. These services range from unique urns and cremation memorials to end-of-life planning. Before you overlook these services, you may find there are some that can help you and your family during a difficult time. Here are a few of the new start-up services to look out for and to ask your cremation services or funeral director about. 

Flat Rate Cremation

Flat rate cremation businesses are becoming increasingly popular with end-of-life planning. The flat rate service makes planning easier for both pre-planning and for family members dealing with a sudden death and planning. Most of these flat rate cremation startups allow you to go online fill out paperwork and make a payment for the services. The idea is to make the cremation process, payment and planning easier as well as less costly and less complicated. The key to these services is ensuring they are connected to a licensed and certified crematorium and funeral director. 

Cremains Alternatives

Several artisans have started cremation services and businesses for a person's cremains. The traditional method is to have cremains placed in an urn or divided into multiple urns for family members. There are now a growing number of options for cremains. These options range from glass and jewellery artisans turning the cremains into fine jewellery and diamonds to having the cremains buried in soil. If you want to give back to or become part of the Earth when you pass on, you now have green options to help you with that endeavour. 

Online Cremation Services

There are various reasons that you may not be able to attend a cremation service. These reasons can range from distance to health issues affecting your local area. Many startups have started offering web-based and live streaming services to funeral homes and crematoriums. These services allow you to attend a funeral or cremation service from anywhere in the world at any time. The services are also stored in the cloud so they can be viewed at any time. 

These are just a few of the services that are part of up and coming cremation or funeral startups. If you are interested in any of these services, ask your funeral director or cremation director for information. Many cremation services, including those that make urns and keepsakes, are part of networking and third party listings with your area funeral and crematoriums.