Cemetery Monuments: Three Basic Guidelines for Choosing a Headstone

Selecting the right cemetery monument is an important process. Therefore, if you are in charge of handling this task following the death of a loved one, you must be cautious and diligent. In general, it is essential to acquire a headstone which will honour the memory of the departed. Moreover, you must ensure that the purchased monument is long-lasting and capable of withstanding adverse conditions. Here are fundamental guidelines to keep in mind before choosing the right cemetery monument.

Evaluate the Materials

The material will influence the resilience of the monument. Besides, this factor is a critical aspect in determining the appeal of the monument. Therefore, you must evaluate the different materials available for creating headstones and choose the most compatible. The most popular material to consider is granite. This stone is long-lasting because it is an exceptionally hard mineral rock. Moreover, there are numerous attractive and unique options to select for the monument.

If you are looking for a cheaper material, you should consider concrete. This material is basic in appearance, and the lifespan is limited in comparison to granite. However, the low cost coupled with the decorative potential makes it a good choice. If you are interested in a beautiful metal headstone, inquire about bronze options from your supplier. However, you must plan for oxidation management. Other suitable materials include marble, limestone, sandstone and slate.

Compare the Designs

There are different designs used in creating cemetery monuments. You should choose the most appropriate for the departed and the environment. The simplest option is the flat grave marker which is set into the ground as a tablet. This design is minimalistic and unassuming. If you are looking for something a little more prominent, it is advisable to consider an upright headstone with a supporting base. The conspicuous design makes it easy to locate, making it more memorable. However, you should note that some restrictions might exist for this design in some cemeteries. If you are looking for a balance, look into slopers which have a tablet laid on a base in a slanted fashion.

Choose the Shape

Finally, you should look at the headstone shapes which can be selected for a cemetery monument. You can opt for simple, traditional shapes, or you can choose unique and bespoke styles. The best one will depend on factors such as the personality of the deceased, personal preferences and the cost. The common shapes chosen include books, crosses, half ogee and heart. If you are uncertain about the right monument, consult a granite cemetery monument supplier