The Different Types Of Graveyards And What They Mean For You

Choosing a graveyard to lay a loved one to rest in is never a simple choice. There is a lot to consider about their personal wishes and desires as well as the proximity of the graveyard to the family, which would affect visits and maintenance. Still, it is important to consider what type of graveyard you think your loved one would most prefer, and there are many options available that you might not even realise. Here are a few choices that cover the majority of what the population would want in a graveyard.

Religion Specific Graveyards

If your loved one was quite devoted to their particular faith, then it might be for the best if you honoured their wishes in death and found a place for them in their local religious-based cemetery. Most of the major world religions have graveyards and places of memorial in all the major cities and towns across Australia, so it is never hard to find a relevant organisation to get in contact with. Often times the deceased will leave in their will whether or not they prefer to be buried with family or in their chosen denomination's graveyard, and in those cases, you are legally obligated to comply. 

Green Graveyards

A choice that is becoming more and more popular is that of the so-called 'green graveyard' that focuses on minimising the impact of the burial process on the environment. This ranges from being buried without a coffin to ensure the body decomposes to making significant donations or contributions to environmental charities and everything in between. Be mindful that being buried without a coffin or any embalming means that the body will not be fit for display and that the ceremony will likely be quite different to what you might expect. That is not to say funerals are impossible to organise at a green graveyard, only that it requires a bit more preparation. 

Public Options

The most common type of graveyard is, of course, the public graveyard. However, even within public graveyards, you still have a lot of choices when it comes to how you bury your loved one. From family plots to mausoleums and even the inscriptions on the headstone, there is a lot to consider. Public graveyards offer the most variety when it comes to services and burials and often are the most centrally located to people houses (due to the sheer number of them compared to green and religious graveyards). These are a respectable option for most families, and it is not hard to see why they are still so frequently used.