Planning an Environmentally Friendly Funeral

As the world becomes more conscious of living eco-friendly lifestyles, people are starting to turn towards environmentally friendly funerals, too. There are several ways you can make a funeral eco-friendly. While some are quite niche, others involve making small changes that have a positive impact on the planet.

Planting Trees

Turning away from large flower displays and choosing to plant a tree instead has a positive impact on the environment. You may want to choose a tree that you love, or you can provide funeral attendees with tree-planting kits.

In addition to reducing CO2 and producing oxygen, trees reduce erosion by absorbing stormwater. They also provide a habitat for various forms of wildlife. Because of this, planting a memorial tree is an effective, eco-friendly funeral tactic.

Woodland Burials

Natural burials, otherwise known as woodland burials, are a fairly new concept throughout Australia. However, they do exist, and some funeral homes provide guidance on using them.

Usually, a woodland burial involves using a biodegradable coffin rather than a traditional one. The place of rest is then marked with a tree or a plant. As an alternative, you can also choose to scatter someone's ashes in a woodland setting and return there to reflect rather than using a traditional graveside.

Vegan or Vegetarian Dishes

A lot of funerals are followed by a wake, which is a celebration of the deceased's life. When that wake involves food, there's scope for you to reduce your impact on the planet.

One way to create an eco-friendly wake is by using vegan and vegetarian dishes. Vegan meals have a reduced impact on the environment, as the food involved in them doesn't use as many of the Earth's resources as meat does. If the person who passed away was vegan, serving a range of vegan meals is also a caring way to memorialise them.

Recycling Orders of Service

Orders of service can act as an excellent memorial in themselves. But if you don't intend to hold on to all of them, you can ask the funeral home about using paper you can recycle.

Alternatively, if you do want to keep hold of the orders of service, you can use paper that has been recycled. You'll still have a positive impact on the planet, but you'll have a keepsake from your loved one's funeral, too.

When you take an imaginative approach, there are lots of ways to make a funeral more eco-friendly. With every small adjustment you make, you'll have a positive effect on the planet. Talk to a funeral home to learn more.