How to Make a Funeral More Personal

Are you trying to find ways to make the funeral services of your loved one more personal? Read on and discover some useful tips which you can implement so that the funeral is a reflection of the uniqueness of the dearly departed person.

Pick the Music Carefully

Music gives you one opportunity to make a funeral personal. You can select songs or hymns which were loved by the person who has passed on. This can be done even if you opt for a traditional funeral service which must conform to strict guidelines, such as the guidelines set by different religions.

Memory Boxes

You can also consider preparing a memory box for the person who has passed on. Provide writing materials (pens and paper) so that each person who attends the service can write down what they remember most about the deceased person. These pieces of paper can then be dropped in the memory box for the family to read as they grieve and heal from their loss.

The Flowers

Funeral or sympathy flowers also provide another way to customise a funeral service. For example, you can instruct people who intend to bring any flowers to select varieties of the flowers which the deceased person loved. Alternatively, you can select presentation patterns which draw attention to the departed person. For instance, ask the florist to come up with patterns which spell out the name of the deceased.

Symbolic Gestures

Think of a symbolic act or gesture which can be done at the funeral service in order to make that ceremony memorable for the family and friends. For example, you could plant a tree or two in memory of your loved one. You can also release butterflies or doves as a symbolic gesture of your loved one being set free to meet his or her creator.


It is not a must that mourners who attend a funeral should wear black. Ask the attendees to come dressed in the favourite colour of the deceased person. Such a dress code will serve as a powerful way to customise the funeral service so that people who attend it can relate it to the person who died.

The discussion above isn't an exhaustive list of the different ways through which a funeral service can be made more personal. Talk to a funeral home director about any other ways through which the service can be customised. You will then be contented that you did everything you could to send off your loved one in the most personal way possible.